Websites for Prolific Authors

I have written about websites for pre-published authors, debut authors, and established authors and how to organize them. But what if you have a LOT of books? 100+ books? That is a whole different story and challenge!

When you are figuring out how to present this much work, you will need to decide:

  • What is your goal?
  • Where is your focus?

Below I share two examples with very different approaches, both of which are totally valid!

Meredith Rusu

Meredith Rusu is the author of over 100 licensed books for LEGO, Disney/Pixar, Peppa Pig, Star Wars, and more. She is also about to release her first original work, There’s a Yeti in my Tummy. For the original work, we gave that book it’s own page on the site,  as well as an additional page for supporting materials.

But for her licensed work, her goal was to give an overview of her work to show to publishers and potential clients, rather than to feature each book. So we divided the books into age groups (preschool. middle school, and Young Adult) and just show a cover and a link to buy for each book. For series, we show one cover from the series, and list all of the books.


Alicia Klepeis

Alicia has several standalone books, which each have their own page, but she also has over 100 books that are part of non-fiction series, and in this case we wanted to feature the books as much as possible. But there are so many!

We created pages for each of her five biggest and most recent series, each displaying all of the covers, a description of the series, and a few inside spreads. We then created pages organized by topic; for example, there is a page for Books about Countries & Cultures which features the books from various series she has contributed to on that topic. There is a page showing all of her biographies, one for her books about science topics, and one for her other animal books.

It was a feat of organization, but a great way to show her work and make it easy and fun to browse!

Even if you don’t have as many books as Meredith and Alicia, or if you have even more, deciding what your goals are is key to deciding how best to organize them and present them to the world. We can help!