Websy Daisy WordPress Security Plan

We offer an Annual WordPress Security plan to keep your site updated and safe.

For an annual fee (see below), we will perform once-monthly backups of your WordPress site, run all needed software and plugin updates, and perform security scans. If we are alerted to emergency updates to the Wordpress core or any plugins, we will go ahead and take care of them immediately (or as close to immediately as possible). If despite all of this, your site is compromised, we will do everything in our power to clean it up for no additional fee.* (Please see note about hacking below.)

This annual fee does not include making any edits to your website’s content or design. Those are always billed at our hourly rate. This plan simply guarantees that we will perform monthly backups, software/plugin updates, and security scans of your site.

PLUS my eyeballs on your site every month!

All of the above is well and good, but probably the most valuable part of the plan is that even if you get busy, and maybe don’t look at your site for months … I will! If your site goes down because for whatever reason your domain or hosting didn’t get renewed, I will see it and alert you immediately so you can renew before your site is lost. (I see this many times per year.) If you opt not to join the plan, please have alerts set on your calendar to remind you of your hosting and domain renewal dates.

Enroll Early to Save!

The Security Plan is intended to prevent security issues with your site. We want to ensure that your site is being backed up regularly and getting regular WordPress and plugin updates from its inception, and that we are able to discover and fix small, easily fixed problems before they become Big Expensive Problems. Therefore, we offer incentivized pricing for early enrollment!

Early Enrollment Fee: If you enroll within 60 days of your Websy Daisy site going live, the annual fee is $220 (the Early Enrollment Fee). As long as you re-enroll every year on time and do not allow your plan to lapse, your fee will not go up (i.e., it will continue to be $220 per year for as long as you keep your enrollment up-to-date with no late payments or lapses in payment). If your plan lapses due to late or non-payment of the fee on your annual re-enrollment date, then to re-enroll, you would pay whatever the current fee is at that time for Late Enrollment (see below).

Late Enrollment Fee: If you enroll at any time more than 60 days after your Websy Daisy site goes live, you will pay the Late Enrollment Fee, which is currently $280 per year. As long as you re-enroll every year on time and do not allow your plan to lapse, your fee will not go up. If you allow your plan to lapse by not paying the re-enrollment fee by the due date on your annual invoice, and we have raised our Late Enrollment Fees since your initial enrollment, then to re-enroll, you would pay whatever the current Late Enrollment Fee is at that time.

Enrollment After Site Loss or Hacking: If you opt to not join our Security Plan, or to let it lapse, and your site is lost or broken (due to non-renewal of your hosting, server crash, hacking, failed updates, etc) or hacked, and you need us to fix it (if that is even possible), you would need to pay our hourly fees to fix and/or restore the site. You may still join the Security Plan at our Late Enrollment rate, but the initial repairs and/or restore of your site would not be covered as you were not a member of the Security Plan at the time they occurred. Note that since we would not have performed any recent backups of your site, it might not be possible for us to restore your site at that point anyway.

This plan is entirely optional.

Just please remember that if you are not enrolled, the responsibility to keep your site backed up and updated is yours, and any time we spend addressing security issues that you alert us to will be billed at our normal hourly rate (currently $75 per hour).

*We are very good at cleaning up hacks, but . . .

Note that very rarely there is a hack that we simply cannot fix, especially if the MySQL database has been hacked (again, rare). This is especially unusual with a site that has had regular backups and updates. We will go above and beyond to try to root out the problem and eradicate it, and work with your hosting company if possible and necessary.  If the hack is still not rooted out we will restore the site to its most recent backup. Occasionally (again, rarely) the hack is something that has been lying hidden for months or years and only recently exploited, and restoring to a backed up version will not help. This can happen especially if a site went for a long time in the past without backups or updates. In the very rare instance where we simply cannot repair or restore a hacked site, we will help you find someone who can, and give you an additional year of Security Plan enrollment for free. You would be responsible for fees to the service you hire to remove the hack.

One More Note.

Please do not ever log in to your website on unsecured wifi or on a public computer, as this makes your login vulnerable. Also, if you have a PC, it is imperative that you are running a virus and malware scanner on your computer. If your computer is infected, someone may be able to record your logins. We can (almost always) clean a hacked site, but if your computer is infected, your website may just be immediately hacked again.

Security Plan

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