When’s the last time you backed up your website?

Or ran any of those pesky plugin updates? Ever? Your site could be at risk for malware and hackers who can bring down your site!

We offer an Annual WordPress Security plan to keep your site updated and safe.

For $180 per year per website, we will perform once-monthly backups of your WordPress site, run all needed software and plugin updates, and perform security scans. If we are alerted to emergency updates to the Wordpress core or any plugins, we will go ahead and take care of them immediately (or as close to immediately as possible). If despite all of this, your site is compromised, we will clean up the site for no additional fee.

This annual fee does not include making any edits to your website’s content or design. Those are always billed at my hourly rate. This plan simply guarantees that we will perform monthly backups, software/plugin updates, and security scans of your site.

This plan is entirely optional.

However, please note that if you decide to opt out, the responsibility to keep your site backed up and updated is yours, and any time we spend addressing security issues that you alert me to will be billed at my normal rate of $75 per hour.

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