We just plain love WP Engine hosting. That’s why we offer WpEngine hosting for up to 40% off the regular cost of their single-site plan. Bonus: Because we use a plan for professionals, it offers more features than a single-site plan, like a Content Delivery Network to make your site load even faster!


WP Engine is fully-managed WordPress hosting. They host WordPress sites. That’s it. That’s all they do, and because of their focus, they do it really REALLY well.


Sites on WP Engine are 2-4x faster than on regular shared hosting. They use top-of-the-line server technology and aggressive caching, among other things, to serve up websites at lightning speed.

Even if you have a sudden surge in traffic, your site will not slow down. We have seen other hosts take sites down when they get too much traffic — when more traffic is what you want! WP Engine scales right along with you and keeps your site up and moving.


If you have ever had a website hacked, you know what a nightmare it can be.

WP Engine makes it really difficult for hackers to exploit and infect your site. They also run scans constantly for vulnerabilities and fix anything they find. They are incredibly transparent as well – if a new vulnerability is found, they will tell you about it and tell you what they are doing to fix it. We have never seen another host do this.

The best part? If, despite everything they do to secure websites, one gets hacked – they fix it for free. Our experience with other hosts has been that they want to blame everything but their own vulnerabilities (without even looking into the issue), and will do little to nothing to help, mostly because they seem to have no idea what to do. WP Engine takes care of everything.


WP Engine does automatic daily backups of all files and databases every single day for free. You can also do a backup yourself at any time with the click of a button. If you accidentally make a change on your site that breaks something badly — in one click you can restore the site to the last backup.


Let’s say you need to make some changes to your site, but you aren’t exactly positive if they will look good or work well. Just click a button and you can create a copy of your site in a staging area, where you can make your changes and make sure you like them first. If all goes well, then click a button and the staging site becomes your live site! But if you don’t like the changes, no harm has been done to your live site.


Because WP Engine only does WordPress hosting, their excellent support staff actually knows WordPress! This might not seem like a big deal, but we are always pretty stunned at how little so many hosts’ support teams know about the most popular web platform in the world.

WP Engine support is friendly, helpful, based in Austin, Texas, and available 24/7/365.

Let us know if you’d like a quote!

This hosting is only for WordPress sites, and we may not be able to host your site if it is extremely large or really high traffic. The 40% discount is for hosting paid annually. Smaller discounts are available for monthly and quarterly plans. If your site requires its own account rather than hosting on ours, you can click here to get a discount.

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